Neurocognitive Development Lab Utrecht


Talk by Eveline Crone – November 5

Dear colleagues,

In the aftermath of the successful 2017 research evaluation, the UU departments of Psychology and Methods & Statistics have reserved a budget for visits of renowned external researchers to our departments, to talk about psychology and its future challenges.

The first will be Eveline Crone (Leiden Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, Spinoza laureate), on November 5, 2018. The format of this visit is as follows:


12-13h: lunch with PhD students, one from each department/ division (5 in total);

13:30-16h: labvisit/ meeting with individual researchers, again one session for each department/ division;

16:30-17:30 lecture in Ruppert Blauw

17:30- drinks.


If you are interested in meeting with Eveline, please notify [division secretary].

And please do visit the lecture at 16:30!