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Dynamics of Youth ‘ouderavond’

Beste onderzoeker, Chantal ontving onderstaande uitnodiging. Wie vindt het leuk om een bijdrage te leveren aan deze avond? — Op donderdag 8 november 2018 organiseert het Alumni Office in samenwerking met Dynamics…

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Items for CID newsletter June issue

Dear CID researchers,    We are working on our June issue of the CID newsletter and if you would like to have anything published in this newsletter please send it…

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Server is online

Good news! As of this morning, a central server with the name “wp0226” is available for us to perform calculations and process all sorts of data! I’ve set up the…

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Online calendar for the labmeeting

Dear labmember, As of now, we have an online calendar which you can use to schedule your labmeeting contribution (eg. presentation, research plan discussion etc). You can find the calendar…

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YOUth @ the Universiteitsmuseum

Today the University Museum hosted a special “Meet-the-scientist”-event for which YOUth was invited. Visitors could ask everything about science, development and the brain. For YOUth, it was a great opportunity…

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Pilot met online lectures @ UCU

Dear teammembers, Matthijs was recently interviewed about the online lectures he has incorporated in a course for the University College Utrecht. Links: Nederlands https://www.uu.nl/nieuws/pilot-met-online-colleges-op-university-college-utrecht Engels https://www.uu.nl/en/news/online-lectures-pilot-at-university-college-utrecht  

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Update NeuDe lab

Dear colleague, There are two new forms available. Use these forms to sign up for: the emaillist for our lab. a presentation during the labmeeting Furthermore, starting next week, labmeetings…

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